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Dołącz do Novaclub!

Chcesz dostawać info o promocjach przed wszystkimi? Prezenty przygotowane tylko dla prawdziwych NOVAHOLIKÓW?

Dziękujemy, że dołączyłeś do nas!


Let's get to know each other!

You have eaten pizza in many great places! We believe
because we've eaten it ourselves! But have you had the best pizza yet! Composed from ingredients you fancy! You don't have to order Capriccioso, Diavolo etc.! We give you the ingredients. Doughs carefully and handmade doughs, great toppings. It's up to you to combine them so that you find your PIZZA-ZEN! And all this ALWAYS at the same price. Do it yourself and enjoy it twice! The whole process of pizza creation takes place right in front of your eyes!

And if the urge has left you, take advantage of our ready-made suggestions and be sure to try the pizza of the month.

In addition to the pizzas, you will find salads, kraft beers, sensational BIO Spanish wine sold by the carafe and, of course, SPRINGS <3

Finally, you have to choose - whether you want pizza on site, takeaway with your own pick-up or delivery to your home, work or party


Our dough

The most important thing about pizza is the dough! That's why we ate literally hundreds of pies before firing up Pizzanova to find what we were looking for. Believe us... Sometimes it was great, sometimes we preferred not to do it anymore!
We did it! This is how the dough we knead by hand was created, we let it rise quietly, we don't frost it. We use a pinch of yeast, a pinch of salt, water, oil and a mixture of flours. In addition to the classic dough, you can also choose multigrain and gluten-free*.



The beginning is similar to the Classic - a mixture of carefully selected flours, water, oil, a pinch of salt, a pinch of yeast and this is where the magic begins! Flaxseed, sunflower, sesame. No ready-ground mixture! Each seed goes into the dough whole. And finally, the most important thing! A long ripening time!



A mixture of carefully selected flours, water, oil, a pinch of salt, a pinch of yeast and a long ripening time!


This is our recipe for the perfect cake <3


Gluten-free *

A proprietary blend of rice, oat and potato flours.

We try to ensure our GF dough has as little contact with potential gluten products as possible! Remember, however, that we make all pizzas in the same room and bake in the same oven. Traces of gluten may be present.

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Our partners

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